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Educational Studies Correlate Sequence

See also, Education Courses.

The following academic requirements are from the 2016/17 Vassar College Catalogue.

The correlate is designed to provide students with an interest in education an opportunity to provide intellectual depth and coherence to their studies in this area. Under the supervision of a member of the Department, students undertaking the correlate will design a sequence of courses that address a central topic or theme related to education. Completing these courses should challenge students to think deeply and critically about the manner in which schools socialize as well as educate citizens, and how the interests of certain stakeholders are privileged or neglected. Students are encouraged to examine educational issues from multiple theoretical and disciplinary perspectives. Expanding upon their own educational histories, they will examine the relationship between theory and practice through study, observation, and reflection.

Educational Studies Correlate Sequence

Requirements for the Correlate

One of the following courses:

  • EDUC 162 - Education and Opportunity in the United States
  • EDUC 235 - Issues in Contemporary Education

Three units at the 200 level

Two units at the 300 level

The remaining courses to be distributed from this list:

  • EDUC 237 - Early Childhood Education: Theory and Practice
  • EDUC 250 - Introduction to Special Education
  • EDUC 255 - Race, Representation, and Resistance in U.S. Schools
  • EDUC 263 - The Adolescent in American Society
  • EDUC 269 - Constructing School Kids and Street Kids
  • EDUC 275 - International and Comparative Education
  • EDUC 278 - Education for Peace, Justice and Human Rights
  • EDUC 297 - Independent Reading
  • EDUC 299 - Vassar Science Education Internship Program
  • EDUC 300 - Senior Portfolio: Childhood Education
  • EDUC 301 - Senior Portfolio: Adolescent Education
  • EDUC 336 - Childhood Development: Observation and Research Application
  • EDUC 350 - The Teaching of Reading: Curriculum Development in Childhood Education
  • EDUC 351 - The Teaching of Reading: Curriculum Development in Childhood Education
  • EDUC 353 - Pedagogies of Difference: Critical Approaches to Education
  • EDUC 361 - Seminar: Mathematics and Science in the Elementary Curriculum
  • EDUC 367 - Urban Education Reform
  • EDUC 373 - Adolescent Literacy
  • EDUC 384 - Advanced Seminar
  • EDUC 388 - Schooling in America: Preparing Citizens or Producing Workers
  • EDUC 392 - Multidisciplinary Methods in Adolescent Education